about me

Gabrielle Bradley - The Nature Exchange

Hi, I’m Gabrielle, a Melbourne-based artist, conservationist and mindful daydreamer, with a passion for our beautiful Australian landscape.

My love of the Australian bush began as a child - instead of visiting the well-worn tracks and trails of the weekend tourist, my family would often go down “the road less travelled” for a slightly different adventure, learning about the flora and fauna that we came across and, as I reflect on it all these years later, providing experiences that I can now appreciate so much more.

For many years my career was in the corporate sector, and it has only been in the last ten years that Mother Nature has drawn me back in again. And I’m so glad She did! This is my passion, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

I hold tertiary qualifications in Conservation and Land Management and Sustainable Landscape Design, volunteer regularly at a local indigenous plant nursery as well as various revegetation projects in and around Melbourne and the Yarra Valley, and am currently part of a team working on a scientific research project east of Melbourne, monitoring flora regeneration after fire.

I have a real love for trees - they are intelligent and magical and, among so many other benefits, provide us with that most essential exchange of carbon dioxide and the oxygen that gives us life.

A reciprocal breath, if you like….

And yet our precious forests are being cleared and logged at an alarming rate. You can read more about this on my about the nature exchange page.

It is the very reason I began this business, and why I support the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund and their tree planting program. My first two t-shirt designs (“Word Tree” and “Habitat Tree”) express many of the benefits and functions of trees, and their critical importance to the intricate web of life that is our natural ecosystem.

So…….will you join with me to help make a difference?

By visiting my online store and making a purchase, I will arrange for an Australian native tree to be planted on your behalf. How good is that!! You get a great item of ethical, sustainable clothing AND you are contributing toward the replenishment of our forests and restoration of natural ecosystems.

That’s the Nature Exchange…….