about the nature exchange

Sherbooke Falls, Melbourne

I began The Nature Exchange as a means to inspire behaviour change through supporting sustainable, fair trade, ethical clothing, and highlighting the ecological, social and economic importance and value of our native forests.

My goal is to raise awareness of these issues by selling clothing that meets the above criteria, and implementing a tree planting program on behalf of my customers that will help to restore our landscape and natural biodiversity.

It’s all about connecting community with environment.

Here are a couple of things to ponder:

Land clearing and deforestation are very real and current issues in Australia – you can read more about the effects and consequences here

I also think it’s really important to be mindful of the impact our purchases can have on the environment. Having an understanding about the conditions in which they were manufactured, and whether they make a positive or negative contribution to the health of our planet, might make you think twice about which product is the right one for you to buy. With that in mind, wherever possible I use materials, packaging and services that support a carbon-neutral goal.

Your purchase of a fair trade, GOTS certified organic cotton screen-printed t-shirt means that you support a fair wage being paid to the workers who made your t-shirt, along with the stringent environmental criteria that is required right through the organic textile supply chain. My t-shirt designs, “Word Tree” and “Habitat Tree”, are in stock now, along with several other styles that also carry nature-based messages.

In return for your purchase I will arrange for an Australian native tree to be planted on your behalf by the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund. These trees will improve biodiversity, help to reduce soil erosion and salinity, provide habitat for native animals, filter the air, store carbon, and provide oxygen.

I thank you for your support.